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LEMPICKA – the unseen musical

April 18th, 2024 by Oscar E Moore

This a short somewhat strange take of a new and original musical titled LEMPICKA – not a review – that I had cancelled by the PR folks shortly before I was ready to head out to see it as one of its main stars/characters would not be performing – name withheld.  Wednesday matinee 4/17/24.

It is about a relatively famous female Polish art deco/cubist bisexual artist that is relatively unknown by many.  Unlike Andy Warhol and/or Toulouse Lautrec.  It takes place during the Russian Revolution and travels back and forth in time and locations.

As I only venture out to theatrical productions when I can get a matinee these somewhat dangerous days it is more difficult to schedule a date to review said shows.

And LEMPICKA was a production that interested me.  Not a revival.  Not based on a movie that was based on a book.  An original.  Plus I knew a bit about this artist.  Rather I should say I saw a couple of her paintings at the Bridgehampton home of two gay guys who were extremely nice to myself and my partner that I found intriguing.  It was at a lavish party.  In the basement of their lavish home.  Yes.  The basement so as not to upset the furnishings and décor of all the lavish rooms above by all those flamboyant somewhat awful rich pretentious folks in The Hamptons.

The paintings were large.  Strong.  Vibrant.  Sensual.  We were told they were copies.  If so they were extraordinary copies.  John knew some artist who could reproduce and did many of the paintings in the large house.  Not exactly a mansion.  Just pretending to be.

So I was extremely eager to book and to see the show.  Which I did immediately upon receiving the invite.  Then no news.  Then I discovered that my laptop had erased a slew of emails.  This is how I discovered what is called SPAM mail.  I never knew that it existed nor did I ever need to use and or empty it.  Long story short.  Voila!  There was my confirmation in the SPAM file.  Which made me happy.

Which brings us up to today when said star was indisposed and my trip up to the Longacre Theatre was aborted.

I had also read about the star portraying Lempicka who was making a return from her standby starring role in WICKED a while back circa 2003.  A huge hit.  Still running.  That I did not care for.  I think it was the start of the screaming, screeching give ‘em all you got belting numbers that every musical must now have.

So I await to see the outcome of LEMPICKA AND I or is it LEMPICKA AND ME?

For the moment I know nothing new about TAMARA DE LEMPICKA.  Just that I still love her art.




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