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March 21st, 2022 by Oscar E Moore

As in Bernadette Peters who starred as Dot in Sunday in the Park with George in 1984 at the Booth Theatre.  We shared the same vocal coach.  I remember arriving at James Gregory’s studio early and sitting on the staircase just to hear Bernie sing.  That’s what I called her.  Bernie.

And so I decided to adapt, to personalize Everybody Loves Louis a song from Sunday to Everybody Loves Bernie.  I was brave back then.  Delivering my lyric backstage at the Booth.  One could do such things back then.

And so, with the publication of James Lapine’s book PUTTING IT TOGETHER featured recently on CBS Sunday Morning I bravely share it with you.


THE SONG OF BERNADETTE – September 8, 1984

Dear Bernie,

I’ve a surprise – here!  With all due respect and complete admiration for Mr. Sondheim’s lyrics I hereby submit to you – the following – I simply had to do it…


Everybody loves Bernie

Bernie’s sexy and kind

Everybody loves Bernie

Bernie’s huggable.


Why go on a long journey?

Turn the corner and find

That Bernie the soubrette

Is all that we had in mind – and – (change orchestration)


Bernie sure is a singer

Bernie sings from the heart

Bernie never does linger

Bernie’s punctual

Everybody loves Bernie

Bernie brings us French art


It’s said Greg

Her father’s bread Greg

I think I read Greg

He really kneads it

As no one has Greg



Bernie’s face is so flawless

Bernie’s face is so bright

Bernie makes you feel lawless

Bernie’s sensuous

That’s the thing about Bernie

Bernie’s got her Dot right


Bernie’s hips are an act to follow

Bernie’s lips allow her to swallow


Not that Bernie’s perfection

That’s what makes her ideal

Hardly anything worth objection

Bernie flirts a bit

Bernie hurts a bit

Bernie makes a connection

That’s the thing that you feel


She weighs parts

And then she plays parts

And there are Rubys

And there are Mabels

But never Tonys

Nor Oscars won


But still we

Adore Bernie


Everybody loves Bernie

And the magic she makes

Everybody loves Bernie

She has captured us


Not afraid to be sweeter

Peters knows what it takes


Everybody gets along with her

She’s no trouble

Life’s a song with her


Bernie has to be that way

Bernie ALWAYS be that

Bernie is it!

As ever


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