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Commentary: Manipulation

July 9th, 2011 by Oscar E Moore


What’s a critic to do?

As theatre critic for Talk Entertainment.com for over six years now I have been quoted many times for my favorable reviews, making me proud of my profession.  I am sometimes able to help further the career of an up and coming actor or prolong the life span of a show that I find admirable enough to give it some good quotes to be used by the Public Relations representing said show.

But now I find myself being quoted in the New York Times no less for a show that I thought I had given a rather not very good review – my words being taken out of context and being manipulated by a show ironically named MANIPULATION.

The producers are advertising the show with a sub headline of “Trust No One”  and I can only assume they are referring to themselves in selecting some very kind words from my review of a show that I really did not care for and making it out that I seemingly thought the entire production “First Rate!”

They have added the !  If you read the review in its entirety:


you will discover that the words “first rate” – without an exclamation point – are in the middle of a sentence.  The other quotes omit some qualifying thoughts – thoughts that would clarify the true meaning of what is being used to promote this rather awful play.

There are some people who trust my judgment when it comes to my recommending a production.  I would not like them to run off and see MANIPULATION with the “First Rate!” quote. 

They might think I had lost my mind when in truth I thought the play was and I quote “Mindless and pretentious.  Mozart and marionettes do little to help the lame script.  No one speaks like this.”  More a “Novelas de Telemundo” a phrase which they did not seem fit to quote.

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