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Affordable Bistros in Paris – Bon Appetit!

March 30th, 2009 by Oscar E Moore

Having recently been invited to become a member of the Outer Critics Circle, an honor that I do not treat lightly, my yearly April in Paris vacation has been put on hold so that I can pursue my love of theatre and writing reviews.

So I am going to pass along my list of favorite, affordable Parisian Bistros so that you may enjoy them in my absence.  Perhaps one day we’ll be sitting next to one another at:

LE STADO 150 Rue Saint Honore www.lestado.com 01 42 60 29 75 metro Louvre or Palais Royal – small rugby restaurant on two floors.  My favorite.  Gateau Basque is a must.  Incredible value for three course lunch.



LA CRIEE  54, Blvd du Montparnasse www.lacriee.com  Fresh fish and oyster bar.  Grilled sardines are sublime, when available.  Excellent service; pleasant waiters.  Other locations.

AU CHIEN QUE FUME – The Smoking Dog (Breakfast and Lunch only) 19 Blvd du Montparnasse

01 45 67 12 75 The best steak tartare and pomme frites.

LA CADOLE 1, rue Mayet  Metro Duroc 01 47 83 70 05 Closed Sat. & Sun. – make reservations.  Small, cozy and excellent.  Gnochi is quite special. http://lacadole.free.fr/LA BRASSERIE SAINT BENOIT 26 rue Saint Benoit www.brasserie-benoit.fr  More for the tourist (if you miss your baked potato)  excellent food and value.

LE ZIMMER – traditional old fashioned turn of the century charm. Near Le Chatelet 1 Place du Chatelet  01 42 36 74 03

www.lezimmer.com A fabulous and affordable choucroute.

 BISTRO SAINT FERDINAND – 36 euros complete the best buy!!!! If you only go to one try this one.  They have seven locations.  3 course, aperitif, ½ bottle wine each plus coffee.  275 bd Pereire.  01 45 74 33 32 www.bistrocie.fr   bistro@bistrocie.fr



MONTPARNASSE 1900 59 Blvd du Montparnasse  01 45 49 19 00

Menu Belle Epoque 33 euros   art nouveau magnificence and excellent food.  Everything included.  Exceptional experience.




LE RELAIS DE L’ENTRECOTE – the best steak with a secret sauce.  Waitresses are in traditional black dress with white aprons and collars. Scrumptious desserts.

20, rue Saint – Bebnoit  01 45 49 16 00

101 Blvd du Montparnasse 01 46 33 82 82


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