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October 19th, 2021 by Oscar E Moore

Seriously?!  At the DR2 Theatre this “new musical in the making” is more like an amateur Fringe Festival workshop production.  And in need of a doctor suffering from a weak plot and forgettable tunes.  I rate it 4 and a half yawns.  A must see for all those interested in learning what not to do and how to do it in writing a musical – and please do not pick out “a must see” as a quote.

Where do I begin?  It’s all an ear-splitting baffling blur.  There are over twenty sung dialogue numbers devoid mostly of melody – a couple more than the 18 listed producers who should be voted into the musical hall of shame.

The glitzy golden Mylar show curtain reminding us of the fabulously satiric FORBIDDEN BROADWAY greets us.  And its downhill from there.

The story line is ridiculous.  A once famous (worldwide no less) pop singer Regina Comet (Bryonha Marie Parham) is on the skids.  To boost her self-esteem, career and pocketbook she enlists the talents of two unknown writers to create a “jingle” for her new perfume – no make that her new fragrance “Relevance” to appeal to a new and younger and hipper teenage fan base.  The “jingle” is a no show!

They are straight Man 2 (Ben Frankhauser) and gay Other Man (Alex Wyse).  For easier identification Man 2 wears a green shirt and has dark hair.  Other Man wears tight shorts and has great legs.

They are also the brains behind the music, book and lyrics in this fortunately only eighty minute extravaganza.  Have they never heard of Rodgers and Hammerstein or Jerry Herman or Stephen Sondheim?

It seems not BUT they have heard of Barry Manilow – the idol of our two leading men whose portrait is displayed prominently on the cluttered set (Wilson Chin) of post it notes (we never see them post one), piles of note books and furniture on wheels to keep the actors and plot spinning so that we don’t notice all the holes in said plot.

One can always check out the distracting on-stage right and left Madame Orchestra who seem to be enjoying the show more than I did.

There is some humor (after all they met at a Jewish music camp), break-away costumes (Sarita Fellows), a most disgusting feeble magic sight gag (we get to see this twice), lasers (don’t ask) and some polite applause and chuckling from the very sparse audience in attendance.

The entire concoction is directed by Marshall Pailet in a keep the actors in motion and singing as loudly as possible style.  His previous stints as director of “Who’s Your Baghdaddy?” And “Triassic Parq” (which I sadly saw) gives you a glimpse into what to expect.  Musical mayhem.  Scheduled through November 14, 2021.

Proof of vaccination.  Photo ID.  Masks.


Photos:  Matthew Murphy

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