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NATALIE TORO – Just in Time for Christmas CD

December 6th, 2013 by Oscar E Moore

Natalie Toro – the versatile “Diva Toro” does it all – beautifully: Broadway (A Tale of Two Cities) Cabaret (The Metropolitan Room) and Recordings that capture her clarion belt and distinctive vocals.

With her new CD – JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS – Natalie shows a softer, more traditional and funny side to her recording persona.  It’s almost a mini-CD as there are only seven tracks – BUT seven is a lucky number and it’s the quality and not the quantity that counts here.

The title track – “Just in Time for Christmas” is a haunting and lovely song that should become a classic as sung here.  With a great arrangement, a softer Toro begins the number; then soars in volume and emotion with her beautiful belt.

Starting a cappella with Native American flutes as backup Natalie adds a fresh interpretation of the old standard “The Christmas Song” giving it new life.  We’ve all heard it before dozens and dozens of times, but not like this.

Sharing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Ryan Kelly results it a nice balance of their voices and the arrangement will melt any ice cycles and get your juices bubbling.  It’s perky and fun.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBLYyZCGA2U

“Ave Maria/O Holy Night” is a brilliant interpretation of these two traditional songs.  With sweet tones, beautiful phrasing, perfect enunciation and a big “Toro” finish that is a declaration and celebration of the birth of Christ without losing the wonder of it all.

“Once Upon a Christmas Song” is new to me and lots of fun.  Using children as back-up and a catchy repeated chorus (over and over and over) like many of the melodies we are used to hearing during the holiday season, this is a jolly tune with a surprise ending!

“Our First Christmas Together” is an up tempo change of pace that will get your toes a tapping and the final track on this delightful CD “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” has Jon Secada joining Natalie in a bossa nova type arrangement with James Lum on Guitar and Ivan Zervigon on Cajon and Percussion that adds a hot Latin accent to the show.  And it is a grand, joyous Christmas show not merely a CD.  Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Produced by Dawn Makay JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS is the perfect stocking stuffer that will delight one and all and to all a good night.


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