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My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend starring Mike Birbiglia – So cool and so really funny

April 1st, 2011 by Oscar E Moore

If you have ever been rejected by a woman, missed a kiss on a first date, discovered that your girl friend has a boyfriend or been baffled by what “making out” meant or if you have been that woman on the other side of that missed kiss you will identify and laugh yourself silly at the stories being told by master story teller “I’m just like you guys in the audience” Mike Birbiglia in his new one- man show “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” now running at the Barrow Street Theatre.

This is a true human comedy at its best as Mike puts his life, relationships and beliefs on his sleeve or rather in our face in a wonderful endearing manner.  Mike is one cool guy even though he would have us believe that he was once a somewhat overweight nerd unable to deal with the opposite sex.

Despite one of the funniest segments – a list of reasons NOT to get married, Mike has managed to get married and stay happily married to Jen who shows up as a major character  continually refusing to get into heated arguments with him by quietly saying “That’s how I feel.”

Mike’s easy going manner makes him a natural storyteller.  His very original choice of words is a delight to hear and he has structured the stories as a play not just a series of stand up comedy rifs.

Director Seth Barish has urged Mike to be more physical than in his last one-man show Sleepwalk With Me.  Mike’s descriptions are funny enough but when he puts his entire body into the telling it is uproarious as in his recounting of his experience on “The Scrambler” an amusement park ride where he ate just a bit too much of everything before getting on and his equating “making out” to a dog eating spaghetti.

There are hysterical bits about cell phones, Lesbian terrorists, Texas and lateness – Mike seems to digress a lot but the digressions are always fun and lead us back to the uneasy predicaments that he has a way of always getting into.

Including a near fatal car accident.  Funny, yet serious too.  Mike even has a copy of the ridiculous accident report that made him reassess what was truly important in his life blown up on a pull down screen as evidence.  That’s his only prop.  Besides a stool.  That’s all he needs to augment his terrific sense of humor and take on life.  No special effects.  Just Mike.  He’s special enough.  Oh, there is one – a strobe light is used during his well deserved and just as funny curtain call.

Go.  You’ll have a great time.  Bring a friend.  Or two.  The more boyfriends and girlfriends the merrier.  There are more laughs per minute than any other comedy around.

www.GirlfriendsBoyfriend.com   Photo:  Joan Marcus

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