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FINN – Mabou Mines at NYU Skirball Center

March 7th, 2010 by Oscar E Moore

Robbie Collier Sublett

Robbie Collier Sublett

How long a journey must a young Celtic lad, Finn McCool (part human, part magical, part hunk; straight out of a legend from pagan Ireland) travel to avenge his father’s death, fall in and out of love, meet up with a salmon who imparts knowledge, listen to his story being told by not one but three long winded storytellers at odds with each other, be wounded and impart wounds and finally learn that it is far better to win with words than with weapons?

The answer is an eternity.  It’s a very long one and a half hours on this ill conceived Mabou Mines adventure (directed by Sharon Fogarty – written by Jocelyn Clarke) which uses the latest digital technologies (Misha Films) to bring this ancient tale up to the 3D present.  Some of the videos are quite vivid and interesting.  The story isn’t.  It’s complicated to the point of not caring.

There is the young savage (Robbie Collier Sublett) with his naked torso and dreadlocked hair whose story is being relived as it is told by an old man (Jarlath Conroy) looking like Moses ready to part the Red Sea with his two assistants (Brandon Goodman & Dion Mucciacito) jumping in and out of the orchestra pit, acting very much like Tweedledee and Tweedledum – adding very little to this high school level performance.

With his magical spear, Mr. McCool – who isn’t –  finally finds his father’s magical treasure bag – the word magical is used throughout but there isn’t anything remotely magical happening on stage.  It’s downright boring (except for the video tricks).  About half way through a young voice was heard in the darkened theatre – which was lacking in audience members – “Is it over?”  It wasn’t and we all hoped it would soon be.  It wasn’t.  Droning on until the digitally enhanced bitter end.

Last performance is Sunday March 7th @ 2PM.  Finn-ito!

Photo:  Paula Court

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