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FALLING – isn’t totally convincing at FringeNYC SPOILER ALERT!

August 14th, 2012 by Oscar E Moore

SPOILER ALERT!  The author of FALLING, Amy E. Witting, has requested that I take down this review as it gives away too much of her plot.  See comment at the end of this post.  So, please DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW if you do not want to know what this play is about.

There has been a motorcycle accident involving other cars on I-95.  Only we do not know this immediately.  James (Josh Bywater) and Mildred (Kerry Fitzgibbons) are in surgery as this surreal and unnecessarily complicated play by Amy E. Witting slowly attempts to become clear.

Snippets of dialogue, inner thoughts of the characters begin this confusing 90 minute opus.  A road map would help to figure out the relationships of all who are on stage that has three acting areas – the main one being an all white hospital waiting room with a clock frozen in time.

Back and forth in time we travel with director Jacob Titus at the helm as we find out who these people are. 

Mildred, an attractive history teacher is on her way to Boston via train where her boyfriend Drew (Billy Weimer) waits intending to ask her to marry him.  James, a writer sits down next to her and immediately begins to flirt despite the fact that he is married for twenty years to Jessica (Tiffany May McRae – no wedding ring in sight) who is waiting at the hospital for James’ sister Poly Anna (Elanna White) to arrive.  Poly Anna, a Goth girl who speaks rapidly and sometimes incoherently, is into cutting herself and hates Jessica who knows nothing of the seven month affair that has developed between Mildred and James.

Mildred’s sister Beth (Janine Kyanko) knows of the affair but has remained silent.  She hates knowing but likes them together.  Yes, they make a fetching couple – Mildred and James.  But they are very unlikable characters played romantically and intensely by two extremely likable actors – Mr. Bywater and Ms. Fitzgibbons.  You can almost excuse their horrible behavior towards their respective loved ones.  Or supposedly loved ones.

It’s hard to imagine Drew waiting around for seven months as his girl friend goes off every weekend without him.  Not to mention the wife of twenty years.  But they do make an attractive couple as we watch their relationship develop over glasses of wine and talk of Winston Churchill.  And then there is the accident.  Payback time?

Meanwhile back at the hospital food is flung at the wall, back stories are revealed and many card games of GO FISH are played.  Your turn, GO FISH.



NO LATE SEATING   The Connelly Theatre 220 East 4th Street (Ave A & Ave B)

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