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666 – Disgusting, demented, devil may care and questionable activities Off B’way

April 16th, 2010 by Oscar E Moore

For anyone traveling to Madrid, Spain in the near future – BEWARE!  Be on your best behavior lest you wind up in prison with the likes of the four convicts on death row who are appearing in the Spanish import and run away hit of the Fringe Festival 2009, Yllana’s 666, which has just slipped past all type of censorship and is inflicting its ribald and raunchy humor on New York audiences at the Minetta Lane Theatre.

Maybe this is funny to some in Spain.  It has been running for about ten years.  Or at the Fringe Festival where it became the talk of the town with its finale of four at least two foot long faux fully erect male willies being waved and stroked and erupting with one guy climbing out into the audience to exhibit his devilish dick up close and personal.  There is no Irish curse here.  In fact, after the show you will be greeted in the lobby as the four cast members don robes with their infamous erections intact to shake your hand or whatever it is you wish to shake.

It is all done to appall and to amuse.  And they succeed one hundred percent.  But you have to find mass murder (in slow motion) an electric musical chair, gallows humor, male rape,  hanging, cutting, piss pots, spit, a condom filled with a milky liquid and one poor little stuffed lamb that is abused along with his fellow inmates fun.  If not you’d better steer clear of this sixty five minute show which has no spoken dialogue.

These four clowns (Raul Cano, Fidel Fernandez, Joseph Michael O’Curneen and Juan Ramos Toro), like the Three Stooges and Jerry Lewis depend on physical humor to get their point across.  With pre-recorded music, strobe light effects and something called “onomatopoeia” – special sound effects made by human vocal cord finesse you will see a series of edgy and dirty vaudeville like scenes and laugh despite your disgust.

I really have to applaud these four guys for bravery beyond the call of duty as actors to bare their forty year old plus bodies without a care in the world and to leer and ogle each other with such abandon.  They sure have balls.

If you happen to be an attractive young lady you might not have to travel to Madrid to join this group of lecherous men as they choose someone from the audience to join them in their antics.

Any further description might spoil some of the surprises.  Proceed at your own risk.

www.666comedy.com   Photo: Yllana

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